Who We Are

Zebra Corporate Communications is a global brand leading the field in digital reporting.

Founded 18 years ago, Zebra has stayed true to its initial philosophy of building trust with stakeholders through highly effective and engaging communications.

Our 60+ strong team of experts has an excellent track record in corporate digital and a unique understanding of digital reporting, which is our biggest strength and source of pride. Our production site is located in CIS, which provides a unique competitive advantage of helping our clients to stay within the budget while getting market leading, innovative reporting solutions. At the same time, Zebra’s presence in London ensures effective communication with our clients and the professional community.

Our clients include public and private companies based in the UK and CIS countries, many of whom have stayed with us for over six years. Our projects have gained wide international recognition, with awards from industry bodies including IR Society (UK), Corporate & Financial Awards (UK), Report Watch (UK), ARC (USA), Moscow Exchange (Russia), and many others.

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