What we do
Building trust through digital communications with stakeholders

Here at Zebra we are fully aware of the importance of a corporate and investor relations website as a starting point for stakeholder communications. Therefore, we start all engagements with thorough research and concept designing of a website which fulfils our clients’ requirements for design and functionality. This interactive process allows us at Zebra to ensure that the clients’ goals are reached, and the target audiences’ expectations are met.

We integrate the website into the existing framework of digital communications, providing extra tools to engage with stakeholders and ensure the development of trust-based, effective relations with each individual stakeholder group.

A future-proof, effective website solution: analysis, support, and development

We take special care to ensure that corporate communications tools do not lose their edge. This is achieved through regular research of best practices, insights offered by consumer behaviour monitoring and data analytics. These efforts inform our conceptual design phase as well as the practical implementation of corporate website development plans.

Regular integrated audits, technological expertise, and proper supervision and support ensures the day-to-day relevance of all tools, sections and modules of your website — now and for the foreseeable future.

Website Analytics

Zebra’s proprietary data personalisation system turns data into action. With highly accurate measures of interest, you can communicate more effectively with your stakeholders knowing who they are and where they come from. Our analytics allow you to know what pages drive them to your website or landing page and to better match and target right people with right content.

Reliable, skilled assistance to meet the most complex needs

At times companies find themselves in a situation where their corporate or investor relations website evolution has stalled. Zebra is happy to aid in addressing challenges related to your website, helping you decide on the direction of its development or support model and take care of any other concerns you might have.