Market data has shown that the style and content of a report should depend on the company and its environment. For this reason, all our reports are individualised according to these factors. The success of corporate reporting largely depends on the correct structure of the key messages, so we pay special attention to interaction with stakeholders. Zebra has developed a unique content personalisation system, through which we can highlight the relevance of each part of the report with mathematical precision.

Our team collects and acts upon the feedback at all stages of the preparation of the annual report and immediately after its publication. Furthermore, our team conducts annual research on the best practices in the field, which allows Zebra to identify avenues for growth and carry out improvements in our data collection system and project management prior to the start of each reporting period.

What We Do
Analytics and Consulting
  • Consulting and corporate training
  • Improving corporate reporting systems
  • Creating point of growth and development of the report
Content Development and Editing
  • Data collection
  • Analytical reading and work with the public sources
  • Checks for compliance with regulatory requirements and modern standards
  • Development of corporate standard, proofreading and literary editing
  • Publish online and iXBRL reports (in accordance with ESEF)
  • Integrating interactive tools
  • Unique tracking and performance measurement tools
  • Video and multimedia content and presentations
Design and printing
  • Creative design and layout
  • Infographics
  • Illustration and photography
  • FSC printing worldwide
Trust and recognition
  • Participation in competitions and ratings of Annual and Sustainability reports
  • Interaction with the stakeholders
  • Feedback from the professional and expert community
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