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Sustainability and ESG reports
Data on sustainable development becomes critically essential when corporates communicate with their stakeholders. Most large companies include aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their reports. The requirements for non-financial reporting have already been established in the UK and the European Union. And even if it is not obligatory for a specific company, ESG data always interests investors. We offer various options for supporting the release of non-financial indicators and reporting for both debutants and experienced teams.
We know everything about sustainability reporting

While Sustainable Development Reporting (ESD) standards are formally voluntary, in reality, for a proper disclosure a company must comply with many requirements and consider best practices, stakeholder requests and the global development context. Modern ESD is a serious long-term project that requires well-coordinated teamwork and consulting.

We provide full support for the preparation of sustainability reports:

Establish dialogues with stakeholders
Identify significant topics
Define a set of standards and requirements
Create design concepts in line with the narrative and key messaging
Correction of the data collection system
Consolidate and align content
Conduct public hearings after ESD disclosure

Preparation of the first sustainability report

The first does not mean weak. We offer a modern approach to data collection that considers the company’s specifics and the best disclosure practices.

We conduct a series of interviews, and together with you, we develop the concept and structure of the future report and form a list of key topics for the first ESD. You can immediately show an excellent result in terms of completeness and quality of disclosure of essential indicators.

Revealing the benefits of an integrated report

Traditionally, companies separate the creation of an annual report (issued under the requirements of regulators) and a sustainability report (written taking into account voluntary standards) for different projects. This management position often leads to an artificial division of the company’s public reporting into «business» and «responsible». But now, when the attention of regulators and investors to the factors of sustainable development is constantly growing, the conventional boundaries between annual reports and ESD are increasingly blurring.

We will help you fully integrate your business’s production, financial, social, environmental, and management aspects into a single system.

It can be one integrated (combined) report or several separate thematic publications. It is crucial to reach a relationship between the overall context, strategic goals and the results achieved in all areas of activity that are significant for the company.

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